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Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC)

The campus has formed Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) which is responsible for overall control and manage an academic and administrative quality assurance

The main responsibilities of IQAC are;

  • Developing and reviewing the quality assurance policies and procedures of the campus.
  • Creating and implementing a quality assurance framework, including guidelines and criteria for evaluating different aspects of the campus's functioning.
  • Monitoring and assessing the academic activities and the teaching-learning process to ensure effectiveness and quality.
  • Establishing mechanisms for obtaining feedback from stakeholders such as students, faculty, alumni, and employers.
  • Analyzing feedback and survey data to identify areas of improvement and implementing measures to address them.
  • Encouraging and supporting faculty development programs to enhance teaching and research skills.
  • Promoting research and innovation activities among faculty and students.

Monitoring and ensuring the availability and maintenance of infrastructure, laboratories, libraries, and other facilities necessary for academic excellence are also the areas of responsibility of IQAC. Student counseling, career guidance, and academic assistance are also the functions of IQAC if needed.

IQAC Committee 

Chair -
Prof. Daya Ram Paudyal, Campus Chief

Mr. Bhanu Bhakta Kandel, Assistant Campus Chief
Mr. Tikaram Rijal, Chief - Campus Student Welfare
Mr. Rajaram Acharya, Member - Campus Management Committee
Dr. Prem Sagar Bhandari, Head - Department of Mathematics
Mr. Mahendra Prasad Adhikari, Head - Library (Information Officer)
Mrs. Urmila Pokharel, Head - Personal Administration
Mr. Baburam Ghimire, President - BMC Alumni Association

Member Secretary:
Prof. Dr. Harihar Paudyal, Coordinator- SAT Committee

Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal
Tel : 
Fax : 077-1-2345678
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