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Campus Chief / Prof. Dayaram Paudyal

Birendra Multiple Campus, established as a community-based campus in 2022, became a constituent campus of Tribhuvan University in 2030 B.S. Since then, despite many ups and downs, this campus has been making efforts for its advancement with the target of being a center of learning in this locality. Learning is a lifelong process and it changes with the spirit of the time. Education, therefore, has gained a different meaning in the 21st century. Now our students have to compete at the global level and therefore traditional ‘memorizing the facts’ type of education doesn’t help anymore.

Therefore our major aim is to make our students competent, innovative, creative, and analytical so that they can easily get access to the national and international arena and give direction to their career. Because of different constraints, the road ahead is challenging but we have to gain strength from the challenges and move forward. We expect all the stakeholders will extend their hands to us and we hope, with the collective efforts of us all we can turn this campus into an academic hub of the nation.

Prof. Dayaram Paudyal
Campus Chief

Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal
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