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Birendra Multiple Campus Alumni Association (2076)

Realizing the need for bringing together the former students of Birendra Multiple Campus, Bharatpur, Tribhuvan University, who are engaged in diverse fields at home and abroad, the Birendra Multiple Campus Alumni Association (2076) has been formed in order to contribute to the welfare of the campus, to promote teaching, learning, and research culture as well as ideological and intellectual diversity in higher education, to improve the physical structure of the campus and to encourage the collaboration among the alumni.

Objectives of the Alumni are as follows:

1. To organize the the forer students of Birendra Multipurpose Campus in this institution and to make them directly and indirectly support for the quality of education and research.
2. To use the capacity of the members to develop and sustain the Virendra Multipurpose Campus as a center of academic excellence. 3. To identify people with academic qualifications and use their knowledge and skills for academic advancement.
4. To create awareness about the issues of social importance and to increase the national and social responsibility, to exchange discussions among the members and to work in that regard, and to work in coordination with the students and various sections of the society.
5. To establish an important forum to increase the harmony among the members and to make the organization sustainable by including the inherent talents, literature, arts and various fields in the members.

Founder's name, surname and address (2076-2080)

S.No. Post      Name 
1. Chairman Shri Baburam Ghimire
2. Vice President Shri Keshav Bhakta Sapkota
3. Vice President Shri Rama Dhungana (Ghimire)
4. Secretary Shri Vamdev Ghimire
5. Treasurer Shri Shaligram Poudel
6. Joint Secretary Dr. Vijay Lal Pradhan
7. Member Shri Prachandalal Pradhan
8. Member Shri Deviraman Adhikari
9. Member Mr. Motiram Dhungana 
10. Member Mr. Basudev Wagle 
11. Member Shri Tilakraj Poudel 
12. Member Shri Sarita Sapkota Adhikari 
13. Member Shri Purna Bahadur Adhikari 
14. Member Mr. Kumud Shrestha 
15. Member Mr. Sharada Laudari 
16. Member Shri Chandravati Sharma 
17. Member Mr. Dambar Kumari Ghimire 
18. Member Mr. Hari Yonjan

Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal
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