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Function & Services

a) Book Stock Section

This is the section where all the borrow able books have been kept. This collection section is situated on the ground floor at the far left side of the entrance hall of the library.  In this section, users are given free access to approach the book-stacks to browse through the shelves and choose the book/s of their interest. 

b) Reference Section & Service

This section has a very rich collection of more than 1000 Reference books. These books are mainly multi-volume, big sized, costly and valuable books on different subjects. These books include – Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Directories, Gazetteers, Yearbooks, Almanacs, Handbooks/Manuals, Quotation books, Bibliographies, World record books etc. Users can have direct access to the shelves but no books are meant to be borrowed for home use. This reference section is located on the first floor of the library.

The aim of the reference section is to assist the faculty members and students to use resources of the library in an effective manner leading to their maximum utilization. The reference service is the most intensive kind of personal service in an attempt to bring together the library users and information in a personal way. The section is on the first floor that includes the computer lab with internet.

The Text Book

This section contains additional copies of curriculum-based books. This is a special section and the books cannot be checked out for home use hence can be consulted inside the library only. Users can have direct access to the Textbook book section of this library. The text book section has nearly 8,000 curriculum related text books. The books for this section are purchased generally on the recommendation from different faculty members through the concerned Head of the Department. If you want to through Author, Title, Subject, Keyword, etc., you can search in the online library catalogue (OPAC). 

Thesis / Dissertations

 This section also contains Theses / Dissertations that were submitted by Bachelors , scholars and Master’s degree students. This is a special section hence Thesis are allowed to be borrowed for home use and readers have no direct access to the Thesis-stacks either. This is one of the most consulted sections of the library.

The Loan Book Service

 The loan collection consists mainly of recommended reading material which may include library books and other library material, photocopies of journal articles, chapters of books and privately owned books. Some visitor’s users also can use loan service by the personally giving material cost deposit for overnight use.

c) Nepal collection Section

As the name itself implies, this section is comprised of the books that are published in Nepal or written on Nepal or in Nepali language. This section also contains This is a special section hence no books are allowed to be borrowed for home use and readers have no direct access to the book-stacks either. This is one of the most consulted sections of the library.

d) Newspaper & Journals

Scientific pure review Journal , Humanities & Social Science related With few journals and among of 28 national daily, weekly, monthly newspapers and magazine are in the available. Gorkhapatra daily newspaper are collecting last one year only due to space occupy and online archive available. Daily in the morning, newspaper and journals are display in nonarrivals rack and located the ground floor of the building.

e) Circulation service

Often known as circulation service or borrowing/lending service, this is the main service of any academic library. BMC Library offers membership and lends books to all students, teachers and staffs of the campus. Rules and regulations regarding membership, lending items, numbers, validity, fee, fines, clearance certificate etc. are indicated in our library brochure.

online brochure is available at the online e-copy can be downloaded from this website (main menu – publications- brochure). The Circulation Section provides services to around 8,000 students and faculty member of Birendra Multiple Campus. It is the directly related section to the student of the library. For books circulation, currently the famous EMIS Proprietary software is in use and electronic barcode card is used for check-in/check-out purpose. The library covered by the CC Camera. 


Membership Type Books Allowed Loan Period
Permanent Teachers 7 Books 90 days
Contract Teachers 3 Books 90 days
Administrative staffs 3 Books 90 days
Semester Students 3 Books 35 days
Non Semester Students 2 Books  35 days

f) Online E-Resource access 

The E-Resource Centre in the library provides online access to faculty members, students and researchers. In the near future, online databases such as Research 4 life (HINARI, AGORA, ARDI, ORE), JSTOR, Oxford University, etc. will be made available to our library users. This section is on the first floor next to the reference section.

Available INASP E-research and Research4life AGORA, HINARI, ARDI, OARE

INASP In Nepal

Resources That Birendra Multiple Campus Library Has Registered For

h) Photocopy service

The photocopy section is available to faculty members and students of the Campus, which is located just near the campus gate. It provides services to the library users such as typing, printing, photocopy, book binding and lamination, etc. The library users can make the photocopies of certain chapters and sections of the book with the permission the library authority.

h) IT Service and computer lab

BMCL has an IT section from where various databases are maintained and IT service is rendered. It includes helping the users in various ways, viz. accessing BMCL’s online catalogue, maintaining online theses/dissertations & providing , service etc.

i) User education/ Orientation service

In order to make the new members of the library aware of library’s collection, arrangements, the techniques of searching and finding the desired documents, services being rendered, rules & regulations etc., BMCL organizes an interactive presentation program namely, ‘User education or Library orientation’ program. It’s also called ‘Library literacy’ program. It’s usually arranged for the newly admitted students of Bachelors and Master’s degree, of various departments so that they could make better use of library’s collection and services with ease and in less time. Every year nearly 2000 students benefit from these user education/library orientation classes. 

j) BMCL cloud Database

Since 2064 the library has maintained BMC Master Database of the documents processed by the library to allow searching by OPAC through Libra library software for their materials at computer terminals placed in different location. Since 2077 library database has changed with cloud web based database through Mitra ERP library Software. A database of 60,000 records can be accessed from the library’s BMC OPAC
Recently, we are going to started with the combination and network service of TUCL to using Digital Library Software Dspace for Thesis and we are going to add more Dissertation, Report, Text book and course of study etc. in this software. 

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